Cleaning in healthcare

For a clean and safe care department

Cleaning at care organizations requires a high degree of knowledge, discipline and skills. As a cleaning supplier you must be aware of the protocols and act accordingly.

Our cleaning staff are aware of the importance of maximum hygiene in order to prevent infection risks. At the same time, cleaning employees are increasingly becoming an extension of nursing staff. Cleaning company Qenzo offers its services in which the nursing staff is supported as much as possible so that the provision of care becomes more central.

At Qenzo Zorg you will receive an approach that fits well with your needs. We are an essential part of the chain for realizing a clean, safe and pleasant environment for your clients. In addition, we also actively contribute ideas when it comes to taking over tasks from your own staff, so that they have more hands free for their own work. With this we help to reduce the workload for your healthcare staff!

Because we work closely with the other business units within Qenzo Zorg, we also actively share our knowledge and experience in the field of experience. You will receive employees who fit in with your environment in all areas and who have a feeling for what the environment requires of them. This is how we make the difference!

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