Professional cleaning for your business.

No “cleaner” but
a team player for professionals.

By innovatively thinking along with you, cross-border solutions are part of our services. As a cleaning company in Amsterdam, we don’t stop at cleaning your work environment. We want to unburden you more broadly and interweave the cleaning service with other facility tasks within your organization. Whether it concerns service rounds in your pantries, refilling the printers and copying machines, maintaining your coffee machines or handyman work… we make it happen!

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Schoonmaakbedrijf Amsterdam, een vrouwelijke personeel met een glimlach

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We make it happen.

Work and living areas generally get dirty easily, but unfortunately not clean again by themselves. This requires the professional commitment of motivated and reliable professionals. Offices, workshops, warehouses, receptions, meeting rooms, canteens, schools, changing rooms: they all require a different approach. Sometimes with different means and different equipment. Qenzo has the right people and the tools for every situation to get your environment sparkling clean again and to meet your wishes as much as possible.

Qenzo Academy.

Creating teamplayers for professionals.

By means of the Qenzo Academy, we as a cleaning company Amsterdam ensure that our employees are trained and meet all requirements. A cleaner who cleans keeps the end user happy and focused on his own work. Because a service provider that provides a clean experience makes the end user enthusiastic and happier at work.

Focused on end users.

An optimal cleaning experience for the
creating end-users is our goal.

As a cleaning company in Amsterdam, we believe that the end user should be served in an appropriate way. A way in which the service is optimally experienced. Creating enthusiasm and happiness in the workplace is our mission. We do not offer what you want, but what your organization really needs. We advise on this and help you determine the best approach for your organization.


For People, Environment and Society

The three Ms are central to our cleaning company….People, Environment and Society. As a cleaning company, we think it is important to deal with this responsibly. Our services are designed on the basis of a number of principles that provide maximum support to people, minimize the burden on the environment and optimally serve society. We also reflect this approach in our rates: a fair price for a responsible but excellent product!


Enthusiasm is flowing

Cleaning company Qenzo is committed to the future of humans. No short-term vision, but investing in training, development and vitality from the Qenzo Academy. Our cleaning company wants people to work for us with great enthusiasm and thus to be a real ambassador. We consciously choose suppliers and partners who subscribe to this vision and invest in sustainable cooperation. Cleaning company Qenzo not only promotes this, but encourages and advises all its employees, clients, suppliers and other relations to do so. Together for a strong future!