As a total facility service provider, Amsterdam Qenzo cleaning company can of course also serve you in the field of sanitary facilities. We will advise you in mutual consultation, whereby we include your wishes, the specifications of your buildings and our many years of experience in our advice.

Whether it concerns strong plastic dispensers or high-quality stainless steel units, cleaning company Amsterdam Qenzo provides and installs a complete sanitary line for you and supplies the dispensers with products that have an excellent price/quality ratio. Would you like to use designer sanitary ware in the toilet area, for example in line with the rest of the design of your interior? You can choose from different brands and methods for hand drying based on paper, linen or warm air. This makes a visit to a sanitary room a completely different experience. We can provide you with excellent advice about the options available and the solutions that suit you best.

Do you want to have the toilet paper replenished or refilled? We provide deliveries of towels, soap, air fresheners and related products 7 days a week.

In close consultation, we will give you the most favorable advice based on your wishes and the associated budget. We use two variants in offering our service.

  1. Loan: with loan you have the dispensers on loan and you pay a small fee per month. In addition, you only pay for the consumption of the fillings (paper, soap, etc.). A clear solution without a high investment in the purchase of the equipment.
  2. Buy: you purchase the necessary dispensers and, unlike on loan, the dispensers are really your property. You buy the fillings according to consumption and need. Just like with loan, this is a very transparent solution for your sanitary needs.

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