Everyone knows the alcoholic smell of disinfectants. Probably the flame on the label too. But what exactly is disinfection and how do you apply this method correctly? And isn’t disinfecting just the same as cleaning? Four tips in a row: 

1. Disinfecting goes beyond good cleaning

Cleaning or cleaning is absolutely not the same as disinfecting. While cleaning is all about removing purely product residues, the purpose of disinfection is to disinfect a surface, instrument or skin. In this way, the surface is made germ-free and the contamination level of material or living tissue is reduced. Dirt is a breeding and hiding place for pathogenic organisms, so it is important that it is first removed (cleaned) and only then disinfected.

2. This is how you disinfect a surface

When a surface is contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids, a different protocol is needed than when a surface is infected with micro-organisms. The RIVM has published guidelines for this: wear plastic gloves, wipe off dirt with kitchen paper, clean the surface with all-purpose cleaner and then disinfect with chlorine or alcohol. The method for the various infections differs in that a surface contaminated with body fluids requires a higher dose of alcohol or chlorine.

3. Disinfect your own skin

To disinfect your own skin, you can use Ethyl Alcohol and Isopropanol. Use a concentration of 70 percent. A higher or lower concentration reduces the effect of the disinfection. These agents act as a bactericidal agent on the skin within fifteen minutes, provided you use them as directed on the label.

4. And then wash your hands

Disinfecting your hands is one of the most important measures to eliminate the risk of microorganisms moving from one place to another. First wash your hands with water and liquid soap. Dry them with a paper towel. Then spray a little hand alcohol on your hands and let them air dry. Result: Disinfected hands.

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Schoonmaakbedrijf Amsterdam, korte informatie over de complete desinfectie werkomgeving
Schoonmaakbedrijf Amsterdam, kleine informatie over de complete desinfectie werkplekken.

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