Driven to create healthy, clean environments through our cleaning services.

Qenzo offers a wide variety of professional cleaning services that can be customized to fit your unique and changing requirements. We’ll tour your property, familiarize ourselves with your facility, and decide on a time and frequency that best accommodates your needs and budget. Our cleaning experts will always work around your business hours to keep your space clean, help minimize sick days and increase employee productivity.

Our highly experienced and certified employees take care of the cleaning and facility matters for you. Your offices, business and retail properties, schools, laboratories and healthcare institutions will be completely clean in no time! Our passionate cleaning specialists will take care of your property with love. Does your property need a thorough cleaning, or do you want to hire a cleaning company a few days a week? We are happy to unburden you.

If you have a specific cleaning requirement that is not listed in the services listed below, please contact us.

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Floor maintenance

Glass cleaning

Post Construction cleaning

Deep cleaning kitchens

Equipment cleaning

Cleaning data centers & server rooms



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