Glass cleaning

Customization for your glass cleaning

The wide application of glass in construction has increasingly made glass cleaning a specialism. Every building is different and every situation therefore requires customization. Together with you, we draw up a building-specific tailor-made plan to keep your glazing and frame work in top condition for years to come. And if we do work at a great height, we simultaneously identify any defects there for you.

From window washing to advanced window cleaning

Better hygiene by washing windows

Clean windows are representative of every building. However, glass cleaning is not only necessary for the appearance of your building. It also extends the life of the glass, frames and siding.

As a cleaning company specialized in window cleaning, we work with experienced window cleaners who not only ‘wash windows’, but also know how to maintain the windows properly.

The benefits of professional window cleaning

Professional impression by cleaning windows

There are more advantages to a clean and hygienic office than is often thought. Even when it comes to the windows. Some of these benefits are:

  • Atmosphere: a clean working environment contributes to a good atmosphere in the office. Employees feel more comfortable and can be more productive.
  • Light: nice and clean windows provide more light. Window cleaning in the office ensures that office windows are clean and let in a lot of natural light. More natural light ensures better concentration, a happier feeling and a lighter interior.
  • Safety: especially when you are dealing with several floors, window cleaning is a difficult, but above all dangerous job. When you outsource this, you don’t have to worry about this. 

Do you want to outsource the window cleaning of your property? Then choose an experienced and professional company. Qenzo is happy to take this task off your hands. Curious about the possibilities? take Contact us to discuss the options with you.

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