Qenzo, the cleaning company in Amsterdam

Cleaning in the new world.

Are you looking for an experienced cleaning and cleaning company in Amsterdam? Then Qenzo is there for you! Our enthusiastic and certified employees take care of the cleaning for you. As cleaning company Amsterdam we will go through your building together to visualize the whole. We also think with you about the best way to clean and keep the property clean. Our passionate cleaning specialists will take care of your property with love. Does your property need a thorough cleaning or do you want to hire a cleaning company in Amsterdam a few days a week? We gladly take your worries away. Cleaning is a profession in its own right. And let that be our passion.

As a cleaning company Amsterdam, we are also specialized in:floor maintenance, glass cleaning and the rest of the services, such as: build support, deep cleaning kitchens, equipment cleaning, desinfection, cleaning data centers & server rooms andhospitality.

About cleaning company Amsterdam

Not a “cleaner” but a team player for professionals.

Work and living areas generally get dirty easily, but unfortunately not clean again by themselves. This requires the professional commitment of motivated and reliable professionals. Offices, workshops, warehouses, receptions, meeting rooms, canteens, schools, changing rooms all require a different approach. With different means and different equipment. For every situation we have as cleaning company Amsterdam the right people and the tools at home to get your environment sparkling clean again and to meet your wishes as much as possible.

A clean room ensures a pleasant working atmosphere. This in turn ensures that your professionals enjoy going to work and that they handle the work environment in a responsible manner. A traditionally designed office with a high occupancy rate requires a different approach than a modern flex environment with a lot of mobility. We have tailor-made solutions for every working environment that seamlessly meet your needs and those of your professionals. And because we as cleaning company Amsterdam do not supply “the cleaner” but a team player for your organization, we make the difference!

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