Deep cleaning kitchens

Good hygiene is nowhere more important than in kitchens used for professional purposes. In addition to the official regulations regarding hygiene and safety, employees and guests also place high demands on this. Daily surface cleaning is a quick way to make workplaces and equipment ready for use again, but it does not guarantee a hygienic kitchen in the long term.

Grease, scale and other dirt adhere to both visible and invisible places. It is absolutely impossible to dismantle and intensively clean the refrigerators, fryers, stoves and other equipment after every working day.

To be assured of a hygienic workspace, periodic deep cleaning of all facilities, extraction systems and drainage installations is necessary. A clean, hygienic and therefore reliable kitchen is not only essential for you and your employees, but also guarantees a longer lifespan of your equipment.

Our specialized service cleans stoves, ovens, freezers and refrigerators, deep fryers, extraction systems, baking trays, bain maries, kitchen sinks, dishwashers, buffet dispensers and drains in all shapes and sizes. We use specially developed environmentally friendly cleaning products and agents. The resulting waste is also responsibly disposed of by us.

A small investment with a big impact! Qenzo Deep Cleaning Industrial Kitchens offers you the solution!

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