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Customized office cleaning at Amsterdam cleaning company

When you opt for the services of our cleaning company, you are assured of a tailor-made service, including for office cleaning. As a cleaning company, we draw up a specified work program for each customer, taking into account the specific wishes of our customers. When this program has been drawn up, our permanent, stable and well-trained cleaning team will come into action for you. The Qenzo team ensures proper cleaning and will ensure a clean and fresh office.

Furthermore, we are like cleaning company Amsterdam also specialized in floor maintenance, glasbewassing and the rest of the services such as construction support, deep cleaning kitchens, equipment cleaning, desinfection, cleaning data centers & server rooms en hospitality.

Office cleaning with quality guarantee

Cleaning company with the highest quality cleaning work

office cleaning is human work. That is why our cleaning company pays a lot of attention to selecting and training our employees. They ensure that your building is given a representative function and realize that their work and presence in your office or business space has certain requirements. A correct and tidy way of working, taking into account the wishes of your own employees and equipment, is therefore self-evident.

Thanks to our specializations, we can provide certainty that your office or business premises will be cleaned correctly. Furthermore, we are not only specialized in office cleaning, but also shop cleaning and thorough cleaning of schools & educational institutions. Before we start with our services, we make clear agreements with you about conducting quality inspections.

Are you looking for a cleaning company for a careful and professional office cleaning? Contact us cleaning company Amsterdam and the quality of the cleaning work is absolutely guaranteed.

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